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Software Company since 1986, Assintel founding partner, holds a portfolio of leading innovative solutions such as: Finance Atena®, ERP and Software for Financial Investigations, for the Registry of Reports (Agenzia delle Entrate) and for Anti-Money Laundering (BankItalia).

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The first FinTech platform in Europe, based on AI, for Predictive, Economic-Financial Consulting for any type of Investment and Business Model, to ensure maximum Reliability, Opportunity and Profitability for the Public and Private sector.

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An Investment and Consultancy company whose mission is summarised in "Get Value to your Asset”. It ensures maximum profitability through a Systemic Approach, in Real Estate and Corporate, with Finance Atena® and the Network Club Deal WeInvest.


Company that has defined a new way of Business Communication based on: Marketing, for defining Strategy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, for effective content structuring, and the Art of Cinema to convey the emotional power that only cinema is capable of.

Emotions for your Brand to create Value

Communication Agency for your Uniqueness

We craft a Communication Plan, breathtaking like the Sunrise, to enhance your Value, transforming your Brand into a Well-Known Presence in the Market

What we do

Our Identity and Values

We are a Communication Agency that believes in Emotions’ Power: a communication with high emotional impact creates Successful Brands. With roots in both Italian and Anglo-Saxon culture, our style is International: Passion, Professionalism, and continuous attention to Market Trends are the pillars upon which we build our presence.

About us
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Our Brand Communication Plan is:

Tailor Made Communication Plan

Tailor-Made: we promote an approach based on Relationships and getting to know each other aimed at creating Tailor-Made Solutions

Unique Communication Plan

Unique: we combine Business with the Art of Cinema, offering a real narrative that captures the Emotional Intelligence of the viewer

Innovative Communication Plan

Innovative: we translate the attributes of each product into Advantages and Benefits, thanks to the knowledge of NLP, ensuring market impact

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